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    Fence Company Near Waxhaw

    People living and visiting Waxhaw describe the town as spacious and not overly developed. Most houses have wide lawns which are picturesque for a fence project. So, if you live in Waxhaw, it is about time to consider building a fence around your house or property and we will tell you why:

    A fence will complete the look of your Waxhaw home. They are a good complement to your already beautiful home. A fence can be the finishing touch to achieve the desired look of your dream home. Choose a trusted fence company near Waxhaw for your fence installation.

    Waxhaw is considered a safe community with friendly neighborhoods. Despite that, it is still a good idea to build a fence on your property to double the protection and security

    By building a fence, you not only enhance your property but you also will increase its market value. Properties with fences are more sought after by home buyers and investors. Whether you are developing your home as your dwelling place or your property as a business venture, adding a fence is a wise decision to increase your home’s value.

    Whatever your purpose is for adding a fence, know that you have an easy solution right at your disposal. Your fence company near Waxhaw is just a call away to provide you with a strong, quality yet affordable fence. DC Fence Pros has been a trusted name in fence installation and repair for over 30 years in the Carolinas.


    DC Fence Pros is the name of choice for your fencing needs. We have a wide assortment of fence materials, styles and designs that meet the industry standards. This is because we only partner with the best suppliers and manufacturers on the market.

    Whether it be wood, vinyl, chain link or aluminum fence material, our product line-up is the best in the business. And to add assurance to your purchase, every fence we build comes with a manufacturer’s limited lifetime warranty.

    Our credibility lies in the service we provide and in the manufacturers we partner with. We design our fences with high regard to quality and durability. The satisfaction of our clients is our top priority. If you are looking for a fence contractor serving the Waxhaw area, then call DC Fence pros.


    It would be nice to start a new fencing project for your home in Waxhaw. Beautify your home, add security and turn it to an exclusive space for you and your loved ones.

    We are the experts in fence installation and repair. We know and provide the most efficient materials, costs and placement. We have been doing this for over 30 years, so we have the experience and expertise that you can count on.


    Have you decided to add a fence to your home in Waxhaw? You are in the right place! DC Fence Pros can guide you from planning to installing the fence most suitable for your property.

    Begin your exploration by contacting us today at 803-285-4000 for a FREE fence installation and repair estimate in Waxhaw.

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