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History of fort mill sc

History of Fort Mill, SC

Fort Mill, South Carolina is a township established in 1873 that lies in between Rock Hill, SC and Charlotte, NC. The municipalities of Fort Mill and Tega Cay and the surrounding communities in Eastern York and northern Lancaster Counties form the Fort Mill Township. It is home to roughly 50,000 people with 13,087 residing inside the Town’s corporate limits. Fort Mill fence contractor DC Fence Pros is proud to serve the whole township.

The Namesake

The name Fort Mill was coined after a colonial-era Fort constructed by the British to protect the Catawba Indians from thieves and a grist Mill close by Steele Creek. It was formerly called “Little York” before it took on the Fort Mill name.


The original settlers of the town are the Catawba Indians which grew further in number with the arrival of Thomas “Kanawha” Spratt in the mid-1700s. The early progress of Fort Mill is referenced to its good geographic location and access to major transportation. It lies strategically within the historical Nation Ford Road, the Catawba River and Charlotte’s Columbia and Augusta Railroad, which were flourishing sites for trade during those times.

Fort Mill continued to grow with the establishment of the Fort Mill Manufacturing Company in 1887 that made it the center for the textile industry in the region. The company prospered and for more than a century and remained on top. It changed its name later on to Springs Industries and expanded its business through mergers and acquisitions. It’s now known as Springs Global after the original company merged with Coteminas, a huge Brazilian textile company in 2006. The company now resides in Brazil but has kept a corporate office in Fort Mill.

Fort Mill Today

Textile has been the bread and butter of Fort Mill’s success in the olden times but the region’s economy continued to flourish and expand as more industries and businesses established their presence in town.

Big companies and known brands now reside in Fort Mill SC such as Wells Fargo, Black and Decker, Daimler Trucks, One Main Financial, URS and Comporium. The township also boasts of its locally grown businesses, restaurants and shops.

Despite the economic progress, Fort Mill has maintained its rich history throughout the township, most especially in the downtown where many historical establishments and buildings still survive today.

The Fort Mill Advantage

Fort Mill is easily one of the fastest-growing communities in South Carolina. Low taxes, decent income, affordable housing, excellent education and access to major interstate highways and modern amenities make living in Fort Mill a breeze.

To visitors, Fort Mill hospitality stayed intact throughout the years. It has kept the friendly and accommodating personality that the Catawba Indians have shown the Spratt family. Fort Mill residents are friendly and hospitable making it a safe, convenient and heartwarming place to live and visit.

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