ALUMINUM FENCE PROBLEMS – Don’t Bet The Farm On Those Chinese Aluminum Imports.
Find out why it’s important to buy Made In The U.S.A fencing
Made in China integrity of aluminum, integrity of paint, corrosiveness of salt water. Do you remember the major recall on sheetrock Made in China? Do you know what fillers (lead base paint) are in the aluminum extrusion or paint coming from China?
Aluminum Fence Problems – Does It Matter Where It Comes From?
Made In China – Built In China, Shipped To USA
If your fence company is buying from overseas and there are problems with the materials, how are you going to address material quality? Thinner gauge aluminum, aluminum made with fillers, lead base paint are just a few of the issues facing Chinese fencing imports. Choosing DC Fence Pros AMERICAN MADE aluminum fence extrusions and paint results in a better quality aluminum fence. The American Made aluminum fencing will cost more money, but you will have a better quality product and stateside company with a valid warranty.
Made In China – Shipped To USA -Built In U. S.
This is a trick some companies started to get around the stigma of being made in China. Aluminum fencing that is still extruded and painted in China with some factories having little quality control. Check out where that fence is being built! Also, these companies were able to dodge import tariffs on imported goods from China, because even though it was made in China, the shipping was of unfinished goods and not subject to the tariff. The surprise may be on you! Congress is now retro charging these companies for the tariffs anyway and that may get passed on to you the consumer, even after installation! If Congress passes the retro active tariffs on these importers, they may end up bankrupting the companies, and then where is your warranty now?
Made In U. S. – Built In U. S.
Your best bet for a long lasting quality aluminum fence product. Remember, these fences carry a manufacturer’s lifetime warranty, don’t get sucked into a cheap Chinese brand that may have lead based paint, may have fillers and thinner gauge. BUY AMERICAN and get the FULL WARRANTY ALUMINUM for lifetime aluminum fencing.