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The Most Popular Aluminum Fencing Styles in Charlotte

Aluminum fences are lightweight metal that is a good alternative to iron fences. Aluminum fencing has many uses including enclosing a pool, for a residential or business structure. It can also be used as an ornamental fence

Aluminum fences offer durability, reliability and affordability. They also come in different heights, styles and designs that will surely meet your specific needs. Here are the most popular aluminum fencing styles in Charlotte, NC:

#1 Smooth Top

The smooth top is one of the most popular aluminum fencing styles. This is typically used for general perimeter fencing or for enclosing a pool. 

Smooth top fences usually stand at 54 inches or taller to ensure stability and reliability. The smooth top design of the fence allows for a more comfortable feel and look.

#2 Spear Top

Spear top is generally installed for security purposes. This fencing style is great for securing the perimeter of a residential or commercial building.

In most cases, the fence panels have pressed spear tops with a look of wrought iron. However, there is an option to choose decorative finials instead of pressed spear tops. 


Spear top fencing is highly recommended for fencing a sloped property. The sections of the fence panel can be racked at an angle to follow the slope of the terrain.

#3 Double Picket

A double picket fence is generally used for security and privacy purposes. It can also be used as a pet fence. Some double picket fences have flat top rails, while others have spear top pickets above the top rail.

The standard panel spacing for picket fences is 3-13/16 inches but the spacing for double picket fences is 1-5/8 inches. This spacing is perfect for homeowners who have kids and pets.

#4 Alternating Spear Top

Alternating spear top is similar to spear top except for the alternating height of the pressed spear tops. This offers a more decorative style that promotes not just aesthetics but security as well. Adding decorative finials instead of pressed spears will give your fence a more distinctive look.

#5 Puppy Picket

Puppy picket is a smaller fence section with double pickets that are welded at the bottom of the standard fence. Since the puppy picket is welded, they are not removable. This keeps your puppy or other pets safe inside your yard.


#6 Rail Style

Rail fencing is a minimalist kind of fence that comes in 36 or 48 inches tall. It provides perimeter fencing and at the same time a good view of the scenery outside. It can also be used to enclose a pool.

These are just 6 of the most popular aluminum fencing styles in Charlotte, NC. Aluminum is not just a good choice for your fencing needs, it is also great for gates.

Where to Find Professional Aluminum Fence Installers in Charlotte

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