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Top 6 Fence Etiquette Tips

It has been years since you’ve moved into your property. Alas! It’s time to install a new fence. However, it’s not as easy as it may seem. Aside from budget and materials, there are other things you may need to consider.

While it’s true that it is your property, it’s still best to consider your neighbors and other things that may directly or indirectly affect you and your property.

Here are 6 fence etiquette tips that can help you avoid fencing disputes and create a peaceful neighborhood:

#1 Boundaries Matter

Whether it’s a county boundary or a property line, defining the physical dimensions of the land mass is very important. Know where your property begins and ends. This is the best way to assure you are installing your fence within your property.

Check the blueprint or your home’s plat to ensure correct boundaries. You may get a copy from your city’s records office in case you do not have the actual blueprint or you may hire a licensed surveyor to map out your home’s plat.

The standard practice is to install your fence a foot or two from your boundary lines. If you decide to install your fence border to border, make sure that you do not do it outside of your property line. Installing the fence outside the boundary, even if it’s just an inch, can put your fence at risk of being torn down.

#2 Communicate with Your Neighbor

Do I need my neighbor’s approval for fence installation?

It is your property and you have every right to install a fence, however, it is common courtesy to let your neighbors know that you are, technically, defining boundaries. Put yourself in your neighbor’s shoes. You wouldn’t want to be taken by surprise.

A happy neighbor means a peaceful life. Remember, a friendly conversation with your neighbor can go a long way. As an added bonus, your neighbor may have even been contemplating installing a fence to divide the yards, so there is a possibility that you and your neighbor could collaborate on getting that fence installation.

#3 Know Governing Rules on Fence Installation

Are there governing laws on installing a fence?

The first thing you need before installing a new fence is a building permit. Most localities also implement zoning ordinances that must be followed. In some cases, homeowner’s associations (HOA) may also have stipulations with regard to fence installation. These are the rules that you may need to know to make sure you’re following the necessary requirements for fence installation.

Here are some things that may be considered under zoning ordinances and HOA rules:

  • Whether or not fence installation is allowed.
  • The type of fence that you may install.
  • Height requirements of the fence.
  • Color and other characteristics of the fence.
  • Setbacks and other restrictions in building your fence.

#4 Finished Side of the Fence to Face Your Neighbors

It is a common practice to place the finished side of the fence towards your neighbors. It’s not just a form of courtesy, but it is the standard way of installing a fence. It can also add aesthetic points to your property.

If you feel uncomfortable with the finished side facing outside of your property, you may opt for a double-sided fence. This is also known as the “good neighbor fence.”

#5 Continuity of Maintenance

Fences, like any other part of your home, are prone to the wear and tear of time. It is highly recommended to get the type of fence that you can regularly maintain.

Fence maintenance varies on the material used and the design and type of finishing. While aluminum and vinyl fences are easier to maintain, wood fences can be stained and painted for easier maintenance.

#6 Choose a Reliable Contractor

Most fencing contractors ensure that your fence is built within your property line while adhering to zoning ordinances and HOA rules. Make sure that your fencing contractor can help you achieve the fencing goals that you envision.

Choosing DC Fence Pros can help you install your fence in a professional and timely manner. No delays! No shortcuts! Just reliable fences!

These are the top 6 fencing etiquette tips that you may want to consider before installing a new fence. Whether you are installing a fence to mark a boundary or to have some privacy and security, good fence etiquette can help assure that your new fence maintains a good neighborhood.

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