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Types of Fences and How to Choose

While many types of fences look similar, they differ in a lot of ways when it comes to design and functionality. Before choosing a fence type, it is important that you know the differences among them. That way, you are aware of what’s the best option for your property. 

The fence type that you’ll select will play a vital role in the exterior design of your home. It will increase the value, improve the security and privacy of your property. The type of fence you choose, whatever the design and material, will be able to give you peace of mind and also enhance the look of your home. Let’s take a look at the various types of fences that you can choose from. 

Wood Fence

One of the most popular fence types is the wood fence. This type of fence, with its height, can give you a sense of privacy. Wood is also attractive as a fencing style for your property. It provides the functionality of a good fence without requiring you to spend too much money on getting it installed. 

What you have to be aware of is the size and height of your fence. These factors will impact the cost of the installation and material. 

Aluminum Fence

Aluminum is a material that makes a durable and attractive fence. It is cost-effective and you don’t have to worry about its maintenance. During the installation of the aluminum fence, all you have to think about would be the color of the paint that you will choose for it. 

While an aluminum fence looks good, it may not provide a ton of privacy for your property. It is still one of the best fence options for many homes and communities. 

Vinyl Fence: A Practical Choice Among the Types of Fences

Vinyl is a great material and alternative to wood fences. You don’t have to worry about maintaining vinyl fences because you don’t need to paint or stain them after some time.

Also, these fences won’t splinter so they are a child-friendly material for your fence. Vinyl fences look very similar to that of those made of wood but they are more affordable in the long run. 

The upfront cost can be higher compared to wood. But you’ll get to save money since there will be little to no maintenance cost

Choosing from the Types of Fences

Here are some of the key factors that you need to consider if you’re going to have a fence installed on your property. Knowing the purpose of the fence will allow you to better choose the material and style for your fence. 

  • Privacy – Choose a type of fence that has little or no space in between its boards. You can add plants to make the fence look attractive. 
  • Security – For your property to be secured with a fence, choose a design that has a tall height. There shouldn’t be areas for intruders to grip on as well. A lockable and sturdy gate is also important. 
  • Aesthetics – Adding a fence around your property can add to its beauty. The style and material of the fence can enhance the look of your home. A fence will also raise the value of your property. 


These are the types of fences that you can choose from. Before getting a fence installed, you should first check the local building code. You may need to apply for a fencing permit or process a few other documents. 

Second, know where the property line is at. You may have to get the services of a surveyor if you feel you are unsure of where it is. 

Lastly, check that there aren’t any utility lines underground in the way of where you plan to have your fence installed. When all these have been checked, then you’re ready to call the best fence installer to do the work. 

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